How can we talk about Nigeria without a taste of suya in our mouth?

Is it really possible that a trip to Nigeria is completed without the subjugation of that delicious, spicy, and tantalizing aroma of Nigerian suya?

Nigerian suya, its aroma has such a temptation that can only be resisted by the emptiness of one’s pocket.

And there are even some Nigerians whom the absence of cash won't prevent from having a taste of Suya every night. "Aboki abeg, make dem cut for me make I take follow up."

They would request for it with a kind of passive pride. These suya faithful are usually scattered here and there, but most especially, they are found on the street side of Warri. LOL.

But just in case you do not have any conception of what Suya is, and that is only possible if Nigeria and the Western part of Africa is to you- a thing of the map, then let me upon definition give to you a simple knowledge of Suya

What about Nigerian Suya?

Suya is a spicy skewered meat, which is a popular food item in Western Africa. Suya is traditionally prepared by the Hausa people of northern Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon, and some parts of Sudan (where it is called agashe).

Nigerian suya is generally made with skewered beef ram or chicken. Innards such as kidney, liver, and tripe are also used. 'Me suya' are popular all over Nigeria, in both big cities and small towns.

With ease, 'Me suya' are spotted. And from the setting of the sun till the disappearance of people from the road, transactions are ever present at the suya stand.

How do I make Nigerian suya on my own?

These are ingredients for Nigerian suya::

Steps For Preparing Nigerian Suya

1. Shells and skin should be removed from roasted peanut

2. Use a mortar and pestle to grind them into a fine powder

3. Add the other spices to the peanut and mix well

4.Divide into two the mixed peanut spices. Put half in a bowl, and doing same with the other

5. Dip the meat with one bowl. The other bowl will be used when the meat is grilled.

6. Let the grilling begins...

Why Do Nigerians Love Suya?

1. Suya is Tasty: The taste of suya is a thing that only experience can explain. Its deliciousness goes beyond the limitations of words.

And unless your taste buds are numb, the sweetness of suya is a sweetness that can actually compete with any other sweetness.

2. Suya is Cheap and Affordable: You do not have to spend much to partake in its deliciousness. It can be purchased by both rich and poor; no one is denied the merriment.

And although ridiculous amount is sometimes spent on it,  this only testifies how endless one can go in its savouring.

3. Suya is Ever Trending: Suya never goes out! Its availability compels trust, and that trust never fails. It is ever present to its consumer. And should it happen that as a result of the vendor’s absence one stand is wanting in provision, its replacement present itself- in just a stone throw.

4. Anywhere, anytime, location is never a barrier to Nigerian Suya. From the biggest cities to the remote corners, a spot is ever made available for the availability of suya.

And be it 3 pm or 1 am, the aroma of suya still reign supreme.

5. Suya Never Fails: There is no such thing as a bad suya. Its loveliness is always represented. Countless are the things one can discard as a result of a decline in quality after an immediate buying.

But then one thing is certain, suya is never found in that list; however, it is being prepared. The mouth always accepts it with gracefulness.

Is Nigerian suya Hygienic?

Due to situations surrounding preparation and sales of Nigerian suya in small stalls along local streets, and sometimes under dubious hygienic conditions, concerns have been raised about the hygienic standards of processing and safety of roadside Suya.

Suya is normally sold wrapped in old newspaper which has been criticized for serving as a possible source of contamination.

Tapeworm (Taenia naginata) from infested beef has been found to survive the temperatures used in preparing Suya and remain viable to infect humans.

Cases of Haemolytic anaemia have been described after ingestion of Suya, possibly as a result of adulteration of food additives.

You would agree with me if I say it is ideal for us to place health over delicacy, right?  Now the truth is, roadside Suya are unsafe.

The reason for this, you already know. But then since in reality, Suya seems to be irresistible, it is now a thing of advice to try prepare one for yourself whenever the temptation calls to you.

It is easy, just stop being lazy. Remember, health over delicacy.