Nigerian art is definitely making waves in the industry now than it did in the past.

Currently making her debut at the prestigious Venice Biennale,  Nigerian iconic artist, Ben Enwonwu's sculpture selling at £353,000 at the Bonhams African sale, Damien Hirst recently deriving inspiration from the Nigerian "Ori Olokun" sculpture and much more, we can really say Nigerian art is sure having a push in the art world.

"It's not furniture" exhibition declares that art is not furniture but a representation of the life, belief and culture of young contemporary individuals. So, why wouldn't anyone want to have such beautiful piece(s) that reminds them of life's representation and all?

Anyway, while Nigerian art collection is going on out there, here are some pretty beautiful pieces you should consider adding to your art collection.

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1. Ken Nwadiogbu ( Lost consciousness series)

Ken Nwadiogbu's "Lost consciousness" series is a story of how we've lost consciousness of our cultures, education and all.

2. Marcellina Akpojotor (Yellow Lagos)

Should we or should we not let go of the yellow Danfo transport system associated with Lagos? If we do, well we don't have to lose all of it as we have the representation in art and if we do not, we still have it.

3. Olumuyiwa Logo (Eko Atlantic)

Painting the everyday life of a Lagosian in black and white is the subject of Logo's series.

4. John Madu (Trespass)

Is it in anyway a form of trespass that we have taken the western culture and well, imbibed it as though it were ours leaving behind our own culture?

5. Fola David ( Perseverance)

What does it even mean to persevere and how does it relate to us in our daily living?

6. Jekein Lato-Unah (Erukainure: we have met their challenge)

Yeah, we really have met the challenge and we are stepping out of the shells that sort of kept us back to explore out true nature.

Here's such a good spot to start your art collection with these artists and their artworks.