Planning a trip to Africa is a different ball game. You have to put a lot of things into consideration because the climate is different and some things dont need to travel with you.

Africa is not a poverty-ridden strange place like the media portrays. You can buy majority of the things you need at some supermarkets.

Here are five tips for packing light on your next trip to Africa.

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1. Invest in a backpack

Travel experts use backpacks as they can re-purpose the bags for hiking trips and use them to take home souvenirs. Many people find using a backpack as a carry-on instead of a small luggage to be more beneficial since smaller luggage cannot be re-used for holding equipment on safari trips or exploring cities and towns.

2. Leave your laptop and take an iPad

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Because you want to travel light, do you really need a laptop? iPads already have miniature keyboards and mouse attachments to turn into a makeshift computer. You’ll save plenty of room in your bag, and it will be much easier since you won’t be carrying around a heavy laptop.

3. Invest in a sarong

Because sarongs are made of thin and breathable fabric they can be transformed into skirts, shawls, dress, headscarves, beachwear and more. You can even use them as a blanket to stay warm or as a picnic blanket. You can always buy one at a shop in Africa.

4. Buy your sunscreen

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Africa is hot and sunny, the climate is not favourable for white skin. Wearing sunscreen lotion is very important but you don’t need to pack one in your bag. Buy one at the airport and it is even cheaper there.

5. You only need two pairs of jeans

Bring one or two reliable pairs of jeans that you can wear for a few days without washing. They can be worn during hiking trips, safari tours and as casual wear.