7 foods that can actually make you smell bad

Ever heard the phrase, You are what you eat? So, let's find out what kind of food causes body odour.

Curry rice (Telandeworld)

So, I bet a lot of you didn't know before now that some food types can give you certain stench. Maybe you knew but just limited it to a certain class of food. Well, let's discover this kind of food responsible for bad smell because we really don't want to go around smelling bad and have people talking to us from a distance.

1. Onion

Onion is of course known by all, or better still by a good number to give you bad odour if consumed directly and in excess.

Experts say 'onions can create bad odours when consumed because as they are digested, they release sulphur compounds, which can pervade through your body's pores and might be noticeable to others.' So, as much as you want to add flavour to your meal, you really want to control the portion.

2. Garlic

According to certified healthy lifestyle coach, Liz Traines, who advises reducing our garlic intake as garlic, as "it can make you smell bad and come off through your skin." Just like onions, garlic also releases sulphur which comes off through the skin and can cause bad odour as well.

3. Oily food

The fats and oils found in greasy foods are likely to cause a stink that can overcome your entire body.

Susie Lemmer, a running coach and personal trainer, says that foods that are "high in oil content" can create smelly odours, as found in some processed foods that are high in bad fats, as well as healthy fats, like "omega 3's found in fish." You, however, do not need to stop taking fish, just mind the quantity. These fats and oils become rancid with the passage of time which, in turn, leads to poor digestion and excessive belching and flatulence.

4. Low carbs food

When it comes to carb and weight loss, it's a no but when it comes to body odour, these energy-rich foods save the day. When you limit your carb intake, you automatically take in more proteins; this starts burning your body’s fat stores for energy, and this releases ketones into your bloodstream, which in turn makes your breath smell bad.

5. Spicy food

As effective as these spicy foods may be in speeding up metabolism and even cutting down on unnecessary cravings, it will also lead to some body odours due to the gases that are released through the pores of the skin.

6. Curry

Curry rice happens to be a lot of people's way and idea of making fried rice. Well, as much as you may enjoy eating that, don't get too used to it because when you take curry in excess, you're prone to smelling foul before you even realise it because curry raises the body temperature and make us sweat more profusely with curry oozing out.

7. Coffee

Coffee causes bad breath because the acidity in this beverage is much higher than that of human saliva.


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