The Los Angeles County Museum of Art have a Snapchat account where they share the paintings.

LACMA and Disney have come together in a Snapchat collaboration with the handle, @OhMyDisney. Together, they will retell Disney’s favourite stories through artworks in LACMA’s collection.

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The first Disney reenactment through paintings took place from October 19 2016 via the Snapchat handles @LACMA and @OhMyDisney.

The story of Beauty and the Beast was retold. A reenactment of Belle and Beast was done through four Snapchat stories.

Chip, the small teacup was depicted with a china teacup and an old-school clock was transformed to Cogsworth, the anxious clock. All these were achieved with someone's doodling skills on Snapchat.

You can follow more of these incredible moments via @LACMA and @OhMyDisney on Snapchat.