The Chad Basin National Park combines the former Chingurmi-Dugoma Game Reserve, Gorgoram and Zurgun Baneri Forest Reserves, and Bulature Oasis. Heres all you need to know about visiting.

Tour fee: Free

Contact person: +234 76 234120, 234428

Things to take with you: A camera, cash, sunglasses and comfortable hiking shoes.

Spanning an area of 2,258 square kilometres, the Chad Basin National Park is located in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of Northeastern Nigeria, between Borno and Yobe state. It is divided into three sectors — Chingurmi Duguma, Bula Tura Oasis sector and Bade Nguru wetlands.

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The floodplain wetlands of Chingurmi Duguma attracts many varieties of birds and water animals. It has recorded 66 species of birds which include guinea fowl, black-crowned crane, demoiselle crane, Arabian bustard, Aviles bustard, African-collared dove, yellow-breasted barbet, black-scrub robin, chestnut-bellied starling, Sudan-golden sparrow, white stork, grey-breasted helmet guinea fowl, pallied harrier etc.

The desert area of Bula Tura Oasis sector is home to rare desert wildlife like giraffe, ostrich, red fronted gazelle, jackals, mongoose, giant tortoise, panta monkeys, porcupine, ratel, spotted hyena, common duiker, warthog, dorcas gazelle, sitatunga, varieties of waders, glossy ibis, pelicans, secretary bird, knob billed goose, pintail, bustards, etc.

The Bade Nguru wetlands is the place that migrant birds go to escape the harsh European winter. Some parts of the park were visited by Prince Charles and Diana in 1990.

When is the best time to visit?

You can visit anytime but many more animals are present during the dry season. Call the contact numbers to confirm your visit.

How to get to the park

The North East is not the safest place but follow this guide to staying safe when travelling in the North.

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Fun things to do at the park

If you are an animal and adventurer, the Chad Basin National Park is just the place for you! You can:

1. Enjoy the sights of sand dunes at Bula Tura

2. Go boating

3. Go birdwatching

4. Visit the several fishing villages around the area

5. Watch animals such as giraffes, ostriches, hippopotamus, crocodile, clawless otter, etc.

6. Take lots of pictures