Even for experts, navigating a

Whether its goods or services, the same principles apply for most of them, as long as it's a proper Nigerian market.

1. Have an idea of prices

Before leaving for the market, make a list of things to buy along with their prices. This will help guide you with estimated prices when haggling and keep you well within your budget.

2. Draw minimal attention with your dressing

Shopkeepers sometimes inflate prices based on the appearance of the shopper. If you draw a lot of attention or look like you have a lot of money to spend, they will sense this and inflate the price because they are looking to get the best profit.

3. Avoid impulsive buying

If you see something and instantly make up your mind to purchase it, the chances that you'll be willing to let it go after a price haggling are slim. This will add to your overall expenditure and even influence the way you haggle.

4. Put on your best poker face

Don't seem overly interested in the item. You may be relieved by the price given to you or even the item itself, but don't let the excitement show on your face because that will lower your haggling power.

5. Never accept the first price

No matter how good it may seem, don't accept the first price. Try to see if you can get a better deal.

6. Use pricing/haggling tricks

Shopkeepers and vendors are trying to get the best profits for themselves by employing tricks, so you should also be thinking of your own pockets. For some items, go half the price and proceed from there. For others, just take a couple of bucks off. Don't fall for sweet talking from the vendors, telling you about their cost and selling prices because that can be a scam too. Some people even tell the white lie that they've bought the item before, or know of the price.

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7. Use local slang or language

Just as you're being sweet talked, you need to do your own sweet talking by engaging the local slang or speaking the language of the seller. This makes them see you as a brother or sister, and make the bargain even better.

8. Play hard to get

You know that thing that African mothers do where the walk away and the vendor immediately calls them back? You can try that, especially when you've shown that you're not so interested in the item. However, it doesn't always work so don't take our word for it.

9. Try multiple stores

If you don't have the African mother charm and the previous trick doesn't work for you, you could just visit another store and try the whole process again. This is advised when the item is very common in the market and you are sure to see it in many other stores.