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Chef Tinu Erinfolami lists 7 secrets to making the perfect party Jollof rice

October 13th 2021, 12:30:50 pm

I sought the help of Tinu Erinfolami for tips on what exactly you need to do to make the perfect Jollof rice.

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Tinu Erinfolami is a chef, caterer and owner of Tinus Kitchen Ltd. She gave some tips on the perfect jollof rice.

These are her tips;

Butter adds flavour to jollof rice, instead of using only vegetable oil, add butter when frying your onions, bay leaves, seasoning, tomato puree and pepper.

Cover your pot and let the steam cook it. According to Erin, “When it comes to Jollof, using equal parts rice and water is important."

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Tinu says, “Don’t ever make Jollof rice without chicken, meat or stock. The quality of your stock is very important, so make sure it is seasoned to enhance the taste of your Jollof.”

Do not use low or high heat to prepare your Jollof rice.

The best quality of rice makes your Jollof rice sweeter. One of the best kinds of rice to make your Jollof is basmati rice.

Wash away all the starch from your rice. “Wash it until the water turns clear. I wash mine seven to eight times. After washing your rice, make sure it is completely drained before adding rice to your pepper mix."

The perfect pepper mix contains red bell pepper, scotch bonnet, garlic, ginger, onions and fresh tomatoes.

With that, the perfect Jollof rice is made, all thanks to Tinu.


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