The iris is the coloured part of the eye and its colour is determined by pigment melanin.

Eye colour is subject to change as a child grows because melanin concentration in the eyes change during the formative years.

Some foods can actually influence eye colour. Though these changes are not drastically noticeable, incorporating these foods into your diet will make the changes visible soon enough.

Here are five eye colour-changing foods:

1. Uva ursi tea

This soothing tea does what it is meant to do, soothe. It immediately relaxes your eyes, giving them a brighter look.

2. Organic honey

Continuous usage of this natural concoction will give you a lighter shade of your natural eye color. Honey is a rich source of all necessary sugars for excellent all-round health.

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3. Spinach

Spinach contains zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein which give youthfulness to the eyes. It also has high iron content as well as Vitamin A which make your eyes brighter.

4. Seafood

Seafood is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B, C A, D, E and K; minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. All these contribute to colour changes in the eye.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil has components such as linoleic acid, linolenic acid and oleic acid which render a beautiful, soft shade to the color of your eyes.