Winnie Leon is an absolute knockout. The Abuja-based

From printed jumpsuits to figure-hugging body-con dresses, Winnie Leon has certainly got a signature aestehtic. The style influencer focuses on highlighting her curves rather than hiding them and we love her unabashed confidence when it comes to dressing up.

Here are 5 style tips that we learnt from Winnie on how to dress to flatter your curves:

1. Use a belt to cinch your waist

Wearing a waist belt gives even the most shapeless of outfits some much-needed definition.

Wider belts work better, as they cinch more of your waist and give much-needed support.

2. Wear the right underwear

Wearing the proper underwear is crucial to ensuring that your outfit fits properly and that you do not bulge in the wrong places.

A good outfit can be ruined by bad underwear so make sure it's holding you in all the right places and is the right size so it does not cut into your skin.

3. Don't be afraid to show some skin

Curvy girls tend to shy away from showing a bit of skin but flashing a bit of flesh can help with drawing attention away from problem areas and towards your assets.

A deep V can make your torso appear more elongated and a shorter skirt gives the illusion of longer legs.

4. Know and Understand your shape

Before you go clothes shopping, you need to identify whether your body shape is an apple, pear, diamond etc. This will help immensely when it comes to choosing the right silhouettes to flatter your shape.

Once you understand your body shape and what suits it, getting dressed becomes a whole lot easier.

5. Confidence, confidence, confidence!

You might be getting a lot of dressing tips for curvy women from everywhere, but ultimately it is all about you and what makes you feel confident that you are looking good.

Find the right outfit that flatters your body, get the right attitude and make sure that whatever you wear, you do it with heaps of confidence.