With one statement piece after the other, the Nollywood actor in her early 40's has become the ultimate style star easily topping the list of Nigeria's best dressed. She's perfected the art of styling so much that it comes easy and effortless, she's become a stylist's dream even more interesting is her eye for pulling off detailed pieces sans stylist.

The well dressed star has it all round, always well put together from style pieces to makeup, hair and her elegant gait always a sight to behold. She goes from a harem pant to flared to edgy sets, body grazing dresses to maxis in a heartbeat making each look worn to perfection.

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She's become some sort of style icon in this neck of the woods as she rarely gets it wrong not even with a graphic tee over harem pants serving a mean smirk!

This ultimate Lanre Da Silva Ajayi muse has grown in everyone's eye into her own and confidently channelling her inner goddess standing out in style on Nigerian made pieces.

The stylish muse doesn't stay safe either, you can never tell what she's donning next from a couture piece to a body skimming one in vibrant or neutral hue she can pull off anything a 40-year old will stay away from and get away with it.

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The stylists she's worked with know her body too well and over the years she's perfected her own style but a lot of things to take away from this fabulous dresser whether styled or self styled, she's always dressed spot on for the occasion.

Rita Dominic doesn't force it! She dresses for her frame, you won't see her in anything unflattering she knows what works for her and sticks with that, plays around with her looks and it all comes together perfect.

Over the years she tried a lot (a whole lot) of looks but she's settled for grown up, clean and statement when it comes to her style, every year she gives style vibrations to look forward to.

And like fine wine, she gets better with age.