Playing dress up: 5 outfit-inspired themes for a very fun party

February 1st 2023, 9:52:45 am

Parties are one of the ways to unwind and have a good time, but they shouldn’t always be about dancing and listening to music.

Matching food party [Styleyou7]

Whether it is a birthday party or a group of friends hanging out with each other, here are some tested party themes that involve playing dress up and bringing maximum fun.

There is literally no meme party that isn’t fun. Memes are those funny pictures or videos we use to express ourselves online. It’s always fun seeing which meme people dress up as and if they look anything like it.


This is another dress-up party. You get to dress up as your favourite celebrity in a movie, music video or red carpet. Remember the party where everyone dressed up as Davido, and he was in attendance? That was a great party. Another common one is a Beyonce-themed party. She has a catalogue of looks.

In 2021, 90s theme parties were all the rave, this is because we saw a resurgence of 90s culture. But it doesn’t have to be the 90s. The 1920s were known for shining gowns and fur coats, also known as the Great Gatsby. The 60s came with conservative elegance, the 70s with flared pants and silk shirts, the 80s with their free punk rock outfits and shiny suits and full hair.

At this party, people dress up in the color whatever food they bring. So if you are bringing apples, you wear green and if you are bringing oranges, you wear orange or yellow. Of course, you don’t just bring one food item, but all the food items you bring must be the same colour.

What’s a movie that’s so popular in pop culture or amongst your friends? You can all dress up like characters in the movie. For example, Cardi B had a Moulin Rouge-inspired party, so the attendees had to dress as they work in burlesque.

Temi Iwalaiye
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