Amaka Osakwe, the brains behind globally known Nigerian fashion house Maki Oh is featured on Vogue Magazine . Vogue is the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world and its a huge deal to be noticed by them. On the online version of the Magazine Maki Oh designer; Amaka was featured in the article called ''New Year’s Style Resolutions: How Designers and Editors Will Transform Their Looks for 2014''. Maki Oh designer who was named 'Designer of the year' by Arise Magazine quoted that “In 2014, I would like to explore the use of texture, prints, and traditional African garment-making practices but in a minimalist context.”

Maki Oh is a relatively new fashion brand but has gotten enormous attention in the local and international fashion scene. Celebrities like First Lady of America; Michelle Obama, Beyonce and sister Solange Knowles, Rihanna, Kerry Washington and Eku Edewor.