Our aim is to ‘encourage you to be yourself  on purpose’ reflect different stages of your lifestyle and proof  that real style is never right or wrong, a woman can present her different personality through her style.

Every outfit in our brand symbolizes growth in a woman’s life, providing her closet with stylish but practical pieces for every occasion.

The Debut Collection

Fayocentric designs debut collection (Ready to wear collection) titled ‘Flexible’. This collection is the story of a woman who is not afraid to show all her different personalities through her style.

She is bold to dress sexy, classy, corporate and also laid back casual.  She is proud of a heritage and showcases that with a modern twist in her style, and never compromises her comfort.

Collection Inspiration

I drew my inspiration from freedom, the ability of a woman to dresses like her and not what the society dictates to her. I was also inspired by my culture ‘Ondo culture’ – with the use of Ondo aso oke fabrics on unexpected pieces of clothing to represent the importance of identity.

Photographer - @sesay__Photo assistant - @kknightmarley1Models - @omotola_monique and Odeyemi Bukola.Makeup – @lamideabdulAccessories - @gemaccessories__

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