Fashion Police: Can we talk about Doja Cat’s bizarre outfits at Paris Spring Couture Week?

January 27th 2023, 11:44:49 am

Did you all see Doja Cats outfits at Paris Spring Couture Week ?

Doja Cat attends the Schiaparelli show [Elle]

Enough time has passed for us to speak about what American rapper and pop star, Doja Cat, wore to some Fashion shows she attended. Her looks had the internet buzzing for days, and after digesting the pictures properly, we finally can talk about it.

When Doja Cat first came on the scene, she was cute like a girl next door would be, then her style changed and became quite eccentric, shaving off her brows to draw lines, body art and other forms of self-expression which let's face it, is a little weird.

During Paris Fashion Week, most celebrities attend the shows wearing outfits made by the designer and Doja was no exception.

She turned up to the Schiaparelli’s show wearing a red gown with 30,000 red Swarovski crystals applied to her face made by the same designer. It took her four hours and 58 minutes, almost five hours to appear like that. It was applied by hand. The look has been called Doja’s Inferno, and the question we have to ask is, why? Why would she do that?


Many people have made her the subject of different memes, but the description that fits is she looks like an alien lifeform, she looks scary and bizarre. Was that what she was going for?

Then for Victor and Rolf’s show, Doja wore a moustache made of eyelashes - we have to admit that that was a little funny.

The outfit was stylish, classy and well-tailored, even sexy as it showed off her curves, but Doja had to make the outfit look ‘clownish’ by putting on a moustache. We almost screamed, ‘What is wrong with you, Doja?” But perhaps she’s just a quirky individual, and she is not interested in fitting into stereotypes.

Temi Iwalaiye
Temi Iwalaiye is a lifestyle Reporter at Pulse. She loves to write - about anything and everything.


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