Fashion happens very quickly and the excitement of it all is due to the immediacy.

Fashion is part of our daily lives and it's not a secret that we use it as a way to express who we are and how we feel. However, it's important to note that fashion does not only come from the catwalks but can be influenced by the people too. A concept that has become popular in recent years is the street style, which focuses on photographing street fashion which lets ordinary people take the lead.

Street style comes alive because we get to see outfits in motionand watch how the clothes are an extension of the wearer. Before designers created the trends, but now, we see trends for the first time on the streets. We are in the midst of a fashion revolution where everyone is their own creator, everyone can personalise and customise garments and accessories taking them to another level and adapt them to their own unique taste.

The best thing about street style/going to fashion shows is that no one is telling you how to dress and there are no 'rules', you can rock up in anything you choose to, it's the most authentic form of self-expression and the beauty of it is in the individual differences.

Take a look at the trendsetters we spotted on our street style cam yesterday!