Just last week, it was revealed that Beyonce was once again disrupting the status quo after being given full creative control for US Vogues

We always knew that but nothing quite prepared us for how regal and youthful Queen Bey would look posing on the iconic September issue for 23 year old African- American photographer Tyler Mitchell.

In fact, Beyonce gives us not one but two stunning covers. Both covers feature the quote "Everyone's voice counts", no doubt a quote from inside her feature interview.

The quote itself is representative of everything Beyonce tried to do with the Vogue article by ensuring that all creatives of colour got a chance to have their voice heard and their work seen.

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In a historic and unprecedented move by Vogue Magazine, Beyoncé has been handed the reigns for the upcoming September issue which is arguably the most important issue of the year. The signer has been given full editorial control of Vogue's September issue and it promises to be epic.

Vogue editor-in-chief according to source and the music icon has reportedly hired the first black photographer to shoot a cover in the publication’s 126-year history.

The publication is contractually obligated to give Beyoncé full control over the cover, the photos of her inside the magazine and the captions according to some insiders although nothing has been confirmed.

Wintour has always exercised complete control over the style bible, including selecting the outfits worn by cover models. Cover subjects are usually given little to no say in their photos and are sent the cover in the week ahead of publication. As a source familiar with Vogue’s editorial process explained to HuffPo, “The reason a 23-year-old black photographer is photographing Beyoncé for the cover of Vogue is because Beyoncé used her power and influence to get him that assignment.”

Who is Tyler Mitchell?

The photographer that has been chosen by Beyonce to shoot the cover is Tyler Mitchell. In addition to being the first black photographer, Tyler Mitchell may also be the youngest to shoot a Vogue cover. At only 23, the photographer and filmmaker has already become well respected for depicting his predominantly black subjects with what he calls “an honest gaze,” according to the New York Times, who interviewed Mitchell in December. He continued, “I depict black people and people of colour in a really real and pure way.''

Having graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts just last fall, Mitchell has already created campaigns and imagery for Marc JacobsTeen Vogue and American Eagle, where he was both model and director, about which he told the Times:

If the stories prove to be true, Beyoncé will be making history once again and turning one of the foremost publications in notoriously prejudiced industry into a depiction of black excellence. We cannot wait to see how it turns out!