The monthly concert of unplugged core African music and social activism, Afropolitan Vibes has held with a spark.

This week marks the penultimate edition of the concert, and it was special in every ramification. From the music to the Palmwine, the crowd spirit to the sounds, everything was special.

Organised by the eclectic band, Bantu, at the symbolic Freedom Park, the event was ushered with traditional freshly tapped Palmwine, lubricating the happiness centres of guests.

Ade Bantu kicked off the night with his timeless melodies wafting through the evening and exciting guests. He was backed by his enthusiastic band.

While everyone was at a high, Soul Music was on the menu, as Sierra Leonian-German singer, Mariama Jaliloh in form. The lady combined indigenous vocals, combining with the percussion from the supporting band.

Mariama swayed, and glided through the evening at Afropolitan vibes, radiating echoes of times past and serenading the audience. The Sierra Leonian-German singer is a gem to watch, and tonight, she shone far above the rest.

Olu Maintain made his entry in super style. The reception from the crowd was stratospheric, as everyone screamed in delight at their star who combines an effective mix of music and showmanship. The singer took the stage and thrilled fans with his music. His was a complete performance.

This created the perfect atmosphere for another headliner, May D, to work his magic on the night. The pop singer, came on with his popular songs, and went on stage to round-off the night on a high.

The night ended with rapturous appreciation for a night of vocal magic, and Afrobeat infusions, and the best of live music.

Pulse Nigeria is an official media of Afropolitan Vibes.