There are so many ways you can improve your job search and LinkedIn is definitely one of them.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, LinkedIn might not be the sexy social media network you can post beautiful pictures and get comments about how great you look. But if you're in dire need of a job, this is your best platform.

On a daily basis, employers post job vacancies on LinkedIn and also use the platform to reach out to potential candidates.

If you're job hunting now and you haven't taken your search to this platform you're really missing out. Here are five reasons you should be on LinkedIn.

1. Establish Connections

The more connections you have, the higher your chances of getting a job.
The more connections you have, the higher your chances of getting a job.

Establishing connections on LinkedIn is key to your job search. The more connections you have, the higher your chances of getting someone to help with your job search or even get you a job. 

While you build your list of connections, make sure you connect and follow people you know and people you plan to reach out to. Maintaining a good relationship with these people can quicken your job search.

2. Promote Yourself

As a job seeker, you can use LinkedIn to promote yourself professionally. The same way you use other social media to post your pictures and get nice comments, you can use your LinkedIn account to share your

You can build a career in tech. (Southbank Centre)
You can build a career in tech. (Southbank Centre)

thoughts and accomplishments with your connections. Someone might be impressed by your opinions and decide to offer you a job.

3. Check job vacancies

Apart from connecting with potential employers, LinkedIn also offers you the opportunity to check job vacancies like your regular job listing sites. 

By clicking on the job tab on the site, you can see a list of job openings you can apply for. You can also use the search button beside the site icon at the top left corner of the site to find jobs using the job title you want to apply for.

4. Use your connections to your advantage

LinkedIn allows you to capitalize on your connections with potential employers. For instance, when you see a job opening directly posted on the site by a company you follow, don't hesitate to check if you're connected to the hiring manager of the company. 

5. Learn about employers

Consider your interest before choosing a career.
Consider your interest before choosing a career.

With LinkedIn company profiles, you can gather useful information about an organization you're interested in. Following a company and checking its profiles can give you solid insight into the company's culture, future projects, company's statistics etc. 

What are you waiting for?

If you're looking for a job and not on LinkedIn, this is your best time to open an account, connect with people and take the opportunity already waiting for you.

And if you're on LinkedIn and not using it as much as you should, it's important you update your account, get the right connections and publish your views about issues in your industry. That might get you the job you've been looking for in no time.