Was 2018 a professional bust for you? Were you able to achieve the career goals you set in December 2017? If you weren't, never fear, 2019 is here and it comes with endless possibilities for growth.

To achieve your career goals in 2019, here are three major steps you should take.

1. Regain your focus

How much do you want to make? Think about it before you choose your career path.

The first thing you'll need to do to revive a stagnant career is to regain your focus. What exactly do you want? Are you satisfied with your current job? Would you like to get another job in 2019? 

Do you think you need to have a better relationship with your boss? Think about what you really want and works towards it. Identifying what you want will give you the focus you need to improve on your career in 2019.

2. Make an action plan

Having identified what you want, next is to develop an action plan and follow it through. Take action to develop yourself and gain relevant skills if changing your career is your focus in 2019. 

3. Get the necessary support

Here is what you need to do if you are considering a career change

Whatever decision you are making to better your career in 2019, reach out to people for support. Don't just keep it to yourself. If your plan to grow in your career involves your boss and other colleagues, get closer to them.