Getting a job is no longer about decorating your resume with your academic degrees hoping it is enough to get you invited for interviews and land you a job.

Employers are done with the recruitment system that prioritizes job candidates’ certificates. It’s 2019 and there are new hiring trends on the horizon.

According to Fast Company, there are new recruitment trends that every job seeker needs to plan and prepare for to get their dream job.

If you’re a job seeking graduate or you’re looking forward to a job or career change, these are the new hiring trends you should prepare yourself for.

1.    You may be tested before a job interview

In 2019, recruiters may prefer to put you through an online test you before inviting you for a job interview. (

Before now, when you apply for a job, you’re invited for an interview after which you might be asked to take a series of test. In 2019, reverse is the case. Career experts say, in a bid to ease the recruitment process and save both the recruiters and the applicants’ time and energy, job applicants might be asked to take tests before interview. The essence of this is to avoid taking through the interview before realizing they lack the skills to do the job.

2.    Social media may become the new way to recruit

Clean your social media profiles and maintain some levels of professionalism. (madamenoire)

This shouldn’t surprise you at all. You should by now beware that your LinkedIn profile can endear you to a hiring manager. But what about other social media platforms? Experts say, more employers in 2019 may find it necessary to research their potential candidates by perusing their online profiles. What this means for you is that you have to keep your social media profile as professional as possible because employers might soon start using social media to attract new talents.

3.    Companies will care more about potentials not degrees

Recruitment is more about what you can do now not your degrees.

Sure, having a good academic degree might look good on your resume, but according to career experts, it might not help you land a job. In fact, it’s believed that employers in 2019 will care more about your potentials- the skills you have and what you can do with the skills rather than your degrees.

4.    Technology will be indispensable

In 2019, career experts say you'll have to be somewhat techy to get a job. (lionessesofafrica)

If you think you don’t have to be tech-savvy because your dream job has little or nothing to do with it, you may have to think again. This is 2019 and almost every job has some component of tech involved in it. And guess what, job seekers who are techy will fare better than others in the labour market.