Why some people cry after experiencing an orgasm

September 28th 2022, 12:18:35 pm

Have you ever had sex with someone who cried after an orgasm or have you ever cried after one and wondered why?

Here is why people cry after sex [Yoni]

Anyone who has experienced an orgasm will tell you that it is an incredibly enjoyable experience. However, this experience might leave tears in some people's eyes.

The brain produces chemicals like oxytocin and prolactin during orgasm to increase blood flow to the genitals which intensifies the feeling of pleasure. When tension is intensified in the lower body, relief comes through a series of violent muscular contractions which leads to an orgasm.

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It's common to feel sad after sex. Nearly 92% of respondents to a 2020 study of 223 women and 76 men reported experiencing an emotional reaction four weeks after having sex. Men felt sapped and unhappy, while women were more likely to experience mood swings and depression.

Oxytocin in people who have had traumatic or sad experiences in the past can contribute to crying after sex. Even if you're currently in a healthy relationship, you might still cry during sex from repressed emotions from the past brought to the surface by the vulnerability of sex and intimacy.

Crying after an orgasm may be a good thing. If it has been a while since you experienced an orgasm, you may feel a release of pent-up emotional stress. Also, your sympathetic nervous system might be calming down from the strong physical experience.

Other reasons people might cry after sex are Postcoital dysphoria, feelings of shame and guilt, cramps and pain that come from endometritis, vaginal infection and ovarian cysts. If sex is physically painful, you might want to see a doctor.

Temi Iwalaiye
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