5 things to do to have a flat tummy

Craving a flat tummy, do these things.

A flat tummy is coveted by most people [shefinds]

A flat tummy is a goal for many people and, with a few changes in their lifestyle choices, they can have this dream tummy.

What do you have to do to have the coveted flat tummy? You don’t have to think too far; these are some things you should consider if you want a flat tummy.

When some people experience stress, they might engage in stress eating.

Stress also causes the body to produce cortisol. Cortisol makes you overeat and leads to fat accumulating in your stomach.

Alcohol has a lot of calories. Moderate drinking alcohol won’t cause you to gain so much weight but, heavy drinking would, especially around your stomach.

Alcohol contains the same amount of calories as soft drinks and soda. Red wine contains twice as many calories.

Soluble fibre includes beans, barley, potatoes, oats. Soluble fibre decreases the calories your body absorbs. Soluble fibres soak up water in your digestive tract and reduce the rate at which digested food is released to your stomach.

Soluble fibre also makes you feel full, so you don’t overeat. This in turn reduces how big your stomach gets.

If you want to lose that belly weight and have a flat tummy then you have to take quite a lot of protein.

Protein shakes are powdered forms of protein that help with weight loss. They are made from protein powder, youghurt, milk and other ingredients.

Protein shakes increase your metabolism which, means you lose weight easily, reduces your appetite and help you lose belly fat.

Cardio includes activities like running, walking and biking. Engaging in cardio helps you lose weight generally and live healthily.

Cardio also helps you lose weight around your stomach region. Running for 20 minutes every day would work wonders.


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