5 signs you are addicted to skincare products

March 28th 2023, 1:13:45 pm

Here’s how to know you to know that you are addicted to skincare.

Signs you are addicted to skincare [cosmopolitan]

Many people are interested in their skin and skincare never before and many celebrities have skincare brands. A scroll through Instagram and TikTok would show you a lot of skincare enthusiasts showing off their products and skincare.

When is it clear that you are crossing a line

A good sign that you are addicted to anything is the amount of money you spend on it. If you keep spending all your money on skincare products, that just means you are addicted to them.


When you hear there is a new and popular product, you hurry to buy it even though you do not have any actual need for it.

A good way to know you are addicted to skincare is the number of the same products you have. Typically, you only need one of each skincare product, there’s no reason why you should have two or three moisturisers, you can’t use them at the same time.

Your skincare routine should have five simple steps: cleanse, tone, moisturise, serum and sunscreen. Anything else are you doing too much? Plus, you have such a ritual every single night, you never get tired of how long it takes because you are a skincare machine.

At this point, you could pass for a licensed aesthetician. You know all the products and their functions, but you don’t give up on that knowledge, but you keep watching these videos to learn more and more.

Temi Iwalaiye
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