5 most sexually satisfied countries in the world - and Nigeria is part of them

May 18th 2023, 9:47:58 am

Have you ever wondered what countries enjoy sex the most? Well, don’t think too far because we have the stats.

Nigerians are believed to be sexually satisfied [bonninstudio]

Here are five of them based on a compilation by Alternet.

Switzerland is a highly sexually satisfied nation, with 21 per cent rating their performance as "excellent" and 32 per cent having sex in public places according to a 2012 survey. However, it has one of the lowest teen birth rates in the world.


This is likely due to a variety of factors. Prostitution is legal there, there are licensed brothels, they have a liberal attitude toward pornography, and sex education starts in kindergarten.

Spain is a country that embraces sexual freedom, with nude beaches and legalized gay marriage.

Spain's population as a whole believes that their sexual performance is outstanding. A recent study in Spain that included 9,850 people found that 90% of men and women were sexually fulfilled.

It is widely believed that Italians excel at love-making thanks to their strong ties to food, wine, and sex. In fact, based on a survey, Italian men were said to be the best lovers and majority of Italians (64%) feel quite satisfied with their sex lives. One-third of them anticipate sexual encounters to last for more than 10 minutes.

Because wine is an aphrodisiac, Italian women have happy relationships, and those who drink two glasses of wine each day report higher levels of sexual pleasure than those who don't.

With their many nude carnivals, it is no surprised that Brazilians are a highly sexually satisfied nation, with 82% having sex at least once a week and 145 times on average a year. It is also reported that Brazilians tend to lose their virginity before any other country in the world.

Nigeria is the most sexually satisfied nation in the world, according to Durex. With 67 per cent of its population claiming sexual gratification and taking the longest time to have sex - 24 minutes. This is surprising because Nigeria is a conservative and religious country, this just means no one is practising what they preach.


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