If you want to know why keeping a New Year's resolution to work out never seems to work out and how to break that cycle, read on.

In fact, a large percentage of people give up on their resolutions by February. Don't let this statistic include you.

To really let this be the year you finally take control of your health and fitness, it's important to change the way you approach your fitness goals.

Here are 5 important tips that will keep you on track with your fitness resolutions!

1. Set realistic and details goals

While it's great to shoot for the moon, completely overhauling your entire life usually isn't realistic, attainable or sustainable. Start small, be specific and build from there. Setting unrealistic goals not only sets you up for likely failure, but also injury.

2. Set goals you will look forward to

If you've tried spinning and it's still just not something you enjoy, don't feel like you have to force yourself into it just because it's trendy or someone else says it's good for you. Take some time to think about activities you enjoy and look for workouts and classes that either come close to these activities or have some elements of why you enjoy the activity.

From working out in your living room to an upbeat Zumba class, there's no doubt you'll find something you look forward to doing.

3,.Center one of your goals around someone else

This is one of the most positive ways to stick to your resolutions. For some reason, we tend to be better at keeping promises we make to other people than when we make them to ourselves.

Perhaps train to run a race in someone else's honor, go for a weekly walk with an elderly relative or encourage someone who's really struggling with their health to join you for some workout time and healthy eating. You are definitely stronger together!

Here's how you can stay motivated and on track with your new year fitness resolutions

4.Track your progress

Keep track of each small success. Short-term goals are easier to keep, and each small accomplishment will help keep you motivated. 

Instead of focusing on losing 30 pounds, focus on losing the first five. Keep a food diary or use a fitness and diet app to help you stay on track, and reward yourself for each five pounds lost.

5.Remember fitness is a journey not a destination

Perhaps the most important tip to help you follow through with your New Year's resolution to exercise and stay fit is to think of your goals as a journey, not a destination.

Achieving lasting weight loss and fitness is a lifestyle choice, not just a short-term goal to lose a few pounds before summer. Enjoy every workout, every bead of sweat, knowing that with each day you're becoming a healthier, stronger you.