Sometimes, you can't explain it. Sometimes, it doesn't make sense. During those moments, you question its acceptance and you even laugh at that acceptance.

One of those moments is the growing cross-over status of 'Party After Party' by Big Trill. Over the past week, it's been one social media storm still caught in underground Instagram NG, but slowly it's gaining notoriety.

It's a regular song by a regular guy rapping. It also underlines the uncertainty associated to what a song could become in 2019. The song is built on a sound that came in the 2000's and has since gone out of style. But one thing stands out is the funny hook on which the song is built, "Partey after partey after partey..."

That is the selling point which has catapulted the song into a status that is beyond Big Trill's imagination. A cursory scroll through your YouTube and you'll see people acting a fool to the line, 'Party After Party.' Currently, the song sits at Number 6 on Apple Music's Top 100 most played Nigerian songs.

It's that time of the year again where one song crosses over the shores and steals the hearts of the ordinarily cynical Nigerians. This time last year, it was 'Malwhede' by King Monada.


'Party After Party' is a Hip-Hop song made by Ugandan rapper, Big Trill. The song was initially released in August 2019 and its video was released on September 13, 2019. It's funny how we keep talking about Hip-Hop's 'inability' to truly birth hits. That's a lie.

While 'Party After Party' sounds like an early 2000's Hip-Hop song from any English-speaking African country, it is a Hip-Hop song. However, it's infused with the arrangements of a suo/konto sound. This is in no way dissimilar to the 2010 Terry Tha Rapman smash hit, 'Sample (Remix).'

How did the song cross over?

It also crosses over in the same ways songs like 'Idibala,' by King Monada, 'Windeck' by Cabo Snoop, 'Sexy Dance' by Fally Ipupa, several songs by Awilo Longomba, 'Black Beatles' by Rae Sremmurd, 'Gangnam Style' by Psy and 'One Corner' by Patapaa. Its vehicle to cross over is viral social media moments or dance routines.

'Party After Party' is not just a song, it's a viral moment that makes everybody want to be cool. It's similar to how Tik Tok grew in the first place - the power of cool. Nobody wants to be left out, so everyone creates social media content and have its tag - in this case, the song playing in the background.

But then, its virality has taken on something immense since Wizkid tweeted about it earlier today, November 15, 2019. For this reason, 'Party After Party' is the second biggest cross-over African song of 2019. It just steals that spot from 'John Cena' by Sho Madjozi. It is only behind 'Skeleton Move' by Master KG featuring Zanda Zakuza.

It might not be at social media hashtag moment yet. But by December 2019, it will surely set shows on fire.