Date: February 12, 2020

Song Title: Inspiration

Artist: Terry G features Prettyboy D-O

Genre: R&B, Pon Pon

Producer: Terry G

Album: TBA

Video Director: San and Tse

Label: Terry G Entertainment

Details/Takeaway: What's special about this one is that, an ode to marijuana and the need for freedom is built on an R&B beat - astonishing.

Thoughts: For the longest time in Nigerian music, the criticism of alté-related acts has been their elitism and seclusive tendencies from the Nigerian mainstream. At the height of alté productivity and notoriety in Nigerian pop culture, the warning from culture enthusiasts in Nigerian music was that altéis not a sustainable movement and that it was not a genre of music.

Members of the alté demography were adamant and ever-so-slightly egotistical. On one part, one couldn't blame them - they had to to believe in what they were doing. More so, the criticism from certain Nigerian culture enthusiasts sometimes felt like cynicism towards the upper-middle class background of members of the alté demography.

But on the other hand, these culture enthusiasts had been on ground before most of the alté acts and they had a better understanding of the soundscape. Even if they were cynical towards alte background and elitism, all of them couldn't be wrong at the same time. Thus, their clamor for the seclusive tendencies of 'alté' which was embryonic at the time is now a living, breathing adult.

While alte is exemplary for its proof that collaboration within a demography can advance a demography and a conversation, for too long it kept to itself and stunted the growth of its proponents.

Even if it's not about stunted growth, but about the natural order of growth and realization for alté proponents who simply came of age and advance in understanding, then it means they were unnecessarily juvenile and adamant.

Nonetheless, as alte proponents are coming of age, they are breaking out of what was previously a convenient enclave of creativity. What they hoped - alte as a genre of music - has not materialized. Now, they are making music with more mainstream appeal.

Terry G featuring Prettyboy D-O is exactly the type of collaboration and brand of music that Nigerian culture lovers were calling for in those days. It is effectively the unification of mainstream and alté. While Prettyboy D-O always had shepeteri in him, this moment effectively certifies the death of alté as a genre of music.


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