On July 6, 2020, American rapper, Young Thug took to his Instagram page to send message to veteran rapper, Pusha T. This message was as regards Pusha T's verse on 'Paranoia,' a song off the deluxe version of Pop Smoke's posthumous album, 'Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon' take shots at Drake.

He wrote, "I don't respect the pusha t verse on the song with me and gunna cause I don't have nun to do with y'all beef nor does Gunna, and if I knew that was about him [Drake] I would've made changes on our behalf.. this rapper shit so gay."

Pusha T has since responded that, "Aye @youngthug couple things: 1. Don't feel bad, nobody knew what the verse was about. The label heads that stopped it didn't even know.

"They only assume because he told them! The same way he told about the Ross "Mayback 6" verse. And if he'll tell record executive [about] rap verses, God only knows what else he'll tell! I don't deal with police work. Police rappers or Police Niggas."

"2. @youngthug, you were the last verse added to the song that's only because you requested it.

"3. And most important @young thug, just so we are clear...I would never look or need your respect for what it is I bring to this rap game."

Pusha T then goes on to request that his manager, Steve Victor who is also Senior VP of A&R at Universal Music Group should take his verse off the unreleased song, 'Paranoia.' He writes, "@stevenvictor I demand you take me off the deluxe @realpopsmoke album to avoid any confusion that may take away from this amazing body of work."

His verse on the unreleased song goes, "You know reality bites/It's chess not checkers/Those empty threats only sound good on your records/If the patois is not followed by blocka/It's like marked for death Screwface, without the choppa/Let ’em rush the stage when you made like Sinatra."

You might remember that...

In 2018, Pusha T took shots at Canadian rapper, Drake on his song, 'Infrared' off the Grammy-nominated album, DAYTONA. Drake responded with, 'Duppy Freestyle,' where he took shots at Pusha T's now-wife, Virginia Williams and Kanye West. Pusha T then came back with 'Story of Adidon' where he reveals the existence of Drake's song, Adonis.

He also took shots at Drake's manager, Noah '40' Shebib's autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis. After the event, Pusha T then gave a few interviews on the issue, but Drake only addressed it on his album, Scorpion. Drake has also addressed it on his interview with Elliot Wilson and B.Dot of Rap Radar Podcast.

While Young Thug might appear to be unnecessarily spiky, he is not. He has a close relationship with Drake, who was Executive Producer for his album, Beautiful Thugger Girl. Drake has also spoken about missing out a feature from Thug's album, So Much Fun.