A few weeks ago, Nigerian star and emPawa boss, Mr. Eazi announced that he was back in body of work mode. He also announced that he would his fifth body of work, an EP titled ‘Something Else.’ This would come before his third studio album.

The EP is a follow-up to the love-themed sounds of the interestingly-titled, One Day You Will Understand. Even though the album opener, ‘The Don’ is more a deserved, yet vain strain of self-adulation and braggadocio, this EP is largely a bed of dreamy pop sounds and amorous tunes from the African staple.

Even on ‘The Don,’ Eazi ends up gleaning the topic of sensuality and femininity. He even proposes the idea of a transactional relationship. The Pon Pon-tinged ‘Love For You’ is more of a dreamy love song, filled with lovey dovey onomatopoeia, cute rhymes and beautiful lines.

With an interpolation of Timbaland’s 2010 single, ‘Say Something,’ Eazi continues on his trail of love with ‘Cherry.’ Although the production is different this time; the percussion is inspired by K-Solo’s brand of street-hop in the 2000s. Xenia Manasseh can sing too.

‘Saudi Arabia’ is also another love song with a Wizkid-sized cloud hovering above it, in the spirit of lamba. ‘E Be Mad’ is another love song, this time from a Highlife point of view.

Say what you will, but on his fifth album, Mr. Eazi’s ability to make bodies of work deserves to be highlighted. He knows how to select beats, experiment and produce cohesive, experiential bodies of work. He’s also adept at stepping out of his comfort zone, into uncharted territory. There’s also his adamance in balancing Nigeria with Ghana.

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7.9 - Victory