International Women's Day is a day to appreciate women, their achievements and contributions in our lives and the society and what better way than an all women playlist.

Women across all fields have constantly contributed tremendously to the society. From Sports, Politics, Business and even Music.

And in recognizing the powerful statement they continue to make both individually and collectively, we have selected seven of the very best and inspiring songs from Nigerian female artists that celebrates the strength of the woman.

Here are 7 Nigerian songs that celebrates Women on International Women's Day

1. Asa - 'So Beautiful'

From her 2007 released eponymously named debut album, Asa dedicates this exceptionally captivating tune to celebrate her mother, her struggles and remind her of how beautiful she is.

Singing in a mix of Yoruba and English, the song which starts like a ballad, with a solemn opening verse soon breaks into more faster rhythm as she extols the virtue of her mother enjoins all to honor her beautiful mother.

''Nitori omo o jiya ni le oko/ Mama, mi ko roju ri/ And that is why I'm loving you'' [For the sake of her child, she labored at her husband's house, My mother never complains]

2. TY Bello - 'Ekundayo'

Released over a decade ago, the multi talented singer/photographer TY Bello introduced us to the world of Mama Ekundayo, a 'Mother Theresa' type woman who with her orphanage was providing not just a home but a future to little children.

TY Bello had met Mama Ekundayo on one of her many journeys around the country and decided to celebrate and tell the story of the strong Nigerian woman in this inspiring song.

In I969, Mama made a life long commitment to caring for abandoned children and as at 2007, she had catered for her 469th child.

''Her words resound over and again, undoubtedly I've been changed, Madam, your life your heart touched mine, And finally I realised, Even I can give a life''

3. Nnenna - 'Nne Mu'

Growing up, some of my strongest childhood memories and lessons were instilled from watching Nollywood and Nigerian TV series and one of such that left a lasting legacy on our screens was Super Story.

The choice of soundtracks are usually as important in the entire movie process and on this episode of the Superstory: Nnenna series is this song that honors the unflinching love of a mother for her child.

'Nne Mu' is an Igbo phrase which means my mother.

4. Omawumi - 'The Best You Can Be'

From her sophomore album, ''Lasso of Truth'', singer Omawumi reflects on life as a child and how all she learnt from her mother has helped her become the best woman that she is today.

''I didn't see the tears you cried for me, I didn't hear the prayers that you said on your knees, All i saw was this person who didnt understand how i felt inside when you said, To kneel down, hands up, close your eyes, Wash the plates, and your clothes, clean those tiles, All of these and many more priceless values that you taught made me who i am today.''

5. Waje, Yemi Alade, Victoria Kimani - 'Strong Girl'

In 2015, ONE brought together nine female singers from the African continent led by Nigerian artists Waje and Yemi Alade to create a woman empowering anthem, 'Strong Girl.'

'Strong Girl' encourages women across the world to always remember that irrespective of where they are from, the woman is always special.

6. Chidinma - 'Martha'

Chidinma's 2014 heart-warming single dedicated to her mother, Mrs Martha Ekile and aptly titled 'Martha' is one song that expresses the bond between a child and a mother in a truly engrossing and unexplainable way.

''Beautiful life you give me, Beautiful things you do for me, Nobody love me like you do, I say nobody treat me like you do''

7. WAJE - 'So Inspired'

It is 2019, and the perspective of the place of the woman in the home and communities is fast changing. Feminism is one movement that has ensured that the demand for equality is consistent and women are getting treated more with respect.

On 'So Inspired', Waje tells the story of the challenges that women face and how she refuses to be seen as an inferior being, insisting that no man has the right to disrespect her for being a woman.

''See you got to understand a woman like me, I work really hard as you just might see, I pay my bills, It's all for the kids, And you got the nerve to disrespect me''

Happy Women's Day 2019.