A few weeks ago, this writer had a conversation with 13 members of the growing Nigerian EDM community. One of the things they talked about was how Nigerian artists make it hard for them to do remixes.

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In January 2020, Nigerian artist, Chike went from serial talent show contestant to creator of a critically-acclaimed album. His debut album, Boo of The Booless took on a turn that blew his mind and that of his team members as he told Pulse Nigeria during a January 2020 interview.

Now he's back with something to tickle the Nigerian EDM community that keeps growing itself. While Nigerian EDM acts create remixes ordinarily, Chike is collaborating with them to create original remixes.

He then put those remixes to a body of work. Dance of The Booless volume one is the first of a three-part series of EPs to contain dance-based remixes of the songs on Boo of The Booless.

As the project progresses, Pulse Nigeria has reliably learned that plans are in place to make future volumes of Dance of The Booless contain original AfroEDM tracks. As an overall project, Dance of The Booless is a formidable experience in the brilliance of Nigerian EDM acts in production and sound engineering.

'Insecure' has two remixes on Dance of The Booless - one by Sensei Lo and the other by Sarmy Fire. Both songs have something unique to them - the Sarmy Fire version Africanizes EDM with a beautiful strain for hook that makes the song perfectly suited to both clubs and laid back days.

On the other hand, the Sensei Lo version is 100% suited to a dance floor. Sigag Lauren might have had his best work yet with 'Nakupenda (Remix).' His work on 'Finders Keepers' is also good, but the way he warps out the hook on 'Nakupenda' drips in brilliance.

'Nakupenda' is so good - DysleX throws it back to the 2000s Western Europe with his work on 'If You No Love.' Lord Skyy might be known for flipping viral moments into songs, but what he did on 'Roju,' by taking it from Hi-life into traditional Igbo music folk music is stuff of brilliance - take a bow.

Final Thoughts

This EP has very little weaknesses, the only thing it can be judged on is the enjoyability it conveys to a listener and it does that to a considerable extent. Dance of The Booless is is a win for creative freedom and the Nigerian EDM community.

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