Its Thursday and we are throwing it back to one of the most popular Nollywood movies ever,

1. Directed by Teco Benson, the movie starred Saint Obi, J.T Tom West as Charles, Kunle Coker, Bimbo Manuel, Emeka Okoro, Robert Peters, Livinus Ochiri, Ernest Azuzu, Ashely Nwosu, Gentle Jack, Rachael Oniga, Bruno Iwuoha, Emeka Ani, Ejike Asiegbu,

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2. The movie told the story of a group of terrorist who invade a town to disrupt the peace in the nation through kidnap and murder.

3. The terrorists who were identified as former members of squad twelve in the military, kidnapped and held hostage nine ministers.

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4. The terrorists murdered Major Chris Daniels, who they accused of treachery for abandoning them in Somali during one of their peace keeping missions.

5. The terrorists' ransom was the release of some prisoners held hostage as spies in Angola.

6.  The Federal Government denied having prisoners in Angola to avoid destroying the diplomatic relations between Nigeria and Angola.

7. We still find the scene with Saint Obi saving Rachel Oniga's son from a bomb blast hilarious - that African James Bond move.

8. It's 2016, and we think "State of Emergency" is still the best action Nollywood movie ever.

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What do you remember about the classic movie?

Watch part one of movie below.