'The Feature': Everything we know about Director Vosa Tosin's new film

February 2nd 2023, 8:05:58 am

The upcoming movie is a coming-of-age story.

Tosin Akintuyosi's new film stars Uche Elumelu, Patrick Popolampo, and more

Director Vosa Tosin has a new movie named 'The Feature,' which is set to premiere soon.

Written by Victoria Olufade, the coming-of-age story follows a teenager, who finds himself mixed with the wrong people on the bumpy journey to finding himself.

His self-discovery journey includes his strained relationship with his mother and his vulnerability in the new world he finds himself in.

On what to expect from the movie, the director says, “This film would make people measure the amount of rebellion they regard as healthy and unhealthy.”

A Co-production between Offshore films and Front page productions, the new film stars Uche Elumelu, Patrick Popolampo, Bassey Ekpo Bassey, and Sylvester Ekanem.


Elumelu is a New York Film Academy (NYFA) trained actress. She has done theatre, television and film including cyber short film 'Atunmarilaka' as well as Africa Magic’s 'Unbroken.'

Popolampo, who is known for doing stage plays, tells Pulse that he is very excited and nervous as this is his first ever feature film.

Prior to 'The Feature', Tosin directed 'Different Strokes' which tells the story of Kevwe, a career driven lady, whose decision to give all her time and energy into her career is not fully accepted by everyone around her.

On the other hand, there is Kamau, an aspiring independent film-maker willing to risk it all in order to chase his dream. This decision is frowned upon by his girlfriend, Loni. Both lives cross paths in an unlikely social media situation, and the rest is history.

Director Vosa Tosin's 'The Feature' will be released within the first quarter of this year.

Inemesit Udodiong
Inem Udodiong is the Entertainment Editor. A movie buff, film critic with a core interest in African cinema, and wellness. Reach her via


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