The ace Nollywood star reportedly dropped 500,000frs CFA (175,000 Naira) as donation to promote film production in Cameroon at the closing ceremony of the

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"Making good films is very important to every film maker," Noah said at the event. "One of the major challenges we face is finance and real skill at acting, script writing, directing... so any help from anyone who believes in the vision is most needed."

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Noah, who recieved a serious backlash for his 'poor look' at the opening ceremony of the event in Buea, South West Region on April 25, explained to DECODED TV, Cameroon:

"It's a film festival not an award show," Nouah said. "I knew I had to move around a lot, greet and meet people and network… so I didn't think I was wrong with what I chose to wear," he continued.

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However, the actor spent six straight days at the event holding talks with young film makers and actors, encouraging the art and promoting Nollywood.

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