One thing you have to love about TV would have to be the time it gives us to bond with fictional characters.

A season into a show, and fans are invested in characters like Jon Snow, Ned Stark, Olivia Pope, George O Malley, Frank Underwood among others.

It is impossible not to get wrapped up in their respective sagas, and when the show runners decide to kill over that character, you feel like you just lost a real part of your life.

We have put together seven unforgettable recent TV deaths.

In no particular order, here we go:

1. Derek Shepherd - "Grey's Anatomy"

It was heartbreaking enough that fans decided to start up a petition. We all thought Meredith and Derek were forever. Imagine finding out you weren't on the same page with Shonda Rhimes.

He didn't even get to say 'goodbye' to his friends and family. Fans still can't forget McDreamy dying in that tragic car accident, or the heartbreaking moment when Meredith Grey said final goodbye to her husband.

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2. Arinola Cardoso-Tsenogu - "Hush"

Did you miss the Twitter reaction to Arin's death on "Hush?" Fans were shocked, surprised and hurt as the writers decided to pull a "Game of Thrones" on us.

Who else shed a tear when Bem, Nse and Oye received the heartbreaking news? Nobody saw Arin's murder coming.

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3. Jon Snow - "Game of Thrones"

Describe Snow's death as one of the most emotional moments on TV, and you won't be wrong. Bringing the character back to life wasn't enough to make up with the trauma that came with the murder of The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch in the final episode of the fifth season.

Fans were ready to forgive the showrunners for everything but Olly stabbing Jon Snow in the episode titled "Mother's Mercy.'

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4. Mark Sloan - "Grey's Anatomy"

He was handsome, funny and romantic, plus he delivered the best lines on show. Every "Grey's Anatomy" fan probably isn't over watching Sloan in a hospital bed, on life support after his injuries from the plane crash. The emotions that came with watching him taken off life support? - That's one thing we are yet to forgive Shonda Rhimes for.

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5. Every death at the Red Wedding - "The Game of Thrones"

What else is bigger and meaner than the beheading of Ned Stark? That has to be watching Walder Frey betray Robb Stark at a wedding, and slaughtering every one of his army.

The brutality behind Robb having to watch his mother, wife and unborn child murdered right before his eyes is one that cannot be forgotten ever.

And to think we had sensed a Stark victory at the beginning of the episode, only to have our hopes dashed with more deaths than one heart can handle.


6. Will Gardner - "The Good Wife"

Maybe we were obsessed with a relationship between Alicia and Will, but we desperately wanted his death to be a prank, joke or whatever you can think of.

We looked forward to the writers bringing on a twist, and saying "he faked his death" or "he was kidnapped." We just weren't ready for the end of the beautiful connection between Will and Alicia.

7. Poussey Washington - "Orange is the New Black"

The 13th episode of "Orange is the New Black" season four, made the show seem more like a tragedy than a comedy.

In the season four finale, Poussey was accidentally suffocated by CO Bayley during what started off as a peaceful demonstration to protest Captain Piscatella's treatment of the inmates.

It was more heartbreaking to watch Poussey restrained and suffocated, reminding us of Eric Garner in New York City. Plus she was effortlessly one of our favourite characters.