12 seasons later, and we are still committed to

Creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, has put fans and doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital through more heartbreaking moments in 11 years than is allowed, yet we are all still comitted.

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We have put together five unforgettable moments Shonda gave us reasons to quit watching the medical drama. Here we go;

1. When Lexie died in a plane crash

It was interesting watching Lexie and Sloan fall in love with each other. We watched them break up, get back together, then break up again. To see their relationship end with Lexie dying in a plane crash was heart-wrenching. And watching Sloan confess his feelings to Lexie? That was everything.

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2. And Mark Sloan also had to die

At this point, I'm sure someone asked "what exactly would this show be without McSteamy, his smart comebacks and charming look?"

To make matters worse, we had to wait for months after the finale to find out that McSteamy had died. At least, he got to spend 'forever' with Lexie.

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3. When McDreamy died in a car accident

Is there even an explanation to the fact that Shonda Rhimes made us feel like we were watching an episode of "Game of Thrones"?Without batting an eyelid, she killed off the reason most people watch the medical drama.

Following Derek's death, fans kicked off a petition campaign to bring back the dead character.

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4.  When George died

From the show's first season, George O’Malley was the sweetheart who didn’t like hurting people’s feelings; he was also Bruke's Guy.  The 'mean' and strong  Bailey even named her child after him. While we were still wondering if Izzie would survive the episode, George left in a heartbreaking way.

George threw himself in front of a bus to save a stranger, and was then dragged under the bus, an accident that left him unrecognizable and turned him into John Doe.

And that moment when Meredith recognized John Doe as George, and said "It’s George?" No true fan can ever forget that heartbreaking moment.


5. That shooting episode

Consider this one of the most emotional episodes ever on show. From Derek almost dying to Meredith's miscarriage, Reed and Percy's death, Karev and Hunt getting shot, we all should have quit at this point, at least we would have avoided crying over Derek's death.

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At what point did you ever feel like quiting "Grey's Anatomy?"

Watch George's death on show in the video below.