Movie trailers create an impression of a movie. They either get a viewer excited or uninterested.

A good trailer tells you everything and nothing, gets you excited and lets you know what to expect without spoiling the twists and turns.

Even if their main purpose is to open wallets, Pulse movies has put together five trailers that are works of art in their own genre.

In no particular order, check them out.

1. "The Arbitration"

Niyi Akinmolayan had viewers at the first teaser of his movie "The Arbitration."

The director who always knows how to push the right buttons, released a trailer that makes it difficult for viewers not to be beguiled and charmed.


2. "Hire A Man"

A hilarious trailer for Desmond Elliot's upcoming movie doesn't try too hard, yet, it hits that humorous spot.

Devoid of slapstick comedy and with an entertaining plot, "Husband for Hire" trailer gives enough reason for one to mark his or her calendar.


3. "King Invincible"

This dark, unexpected, distinctive trailer came along and suddenly we are interested in epic movies that revolve around a handsome warlord transitioning into a wolf due to the curse of the dogs that has been placed on him.

4. "Ojukokoro"

The trailer for Dare Olaitan's action-comedy movie  features the appropriate moments to appeal to the intelligent Nollywood audience and make them quake with excitement.

5. "The Wedding Party"

Another perfect melding of drama and music, the trailer for the star-studded 2016 comedy movie is colourful, hilarious, maybe a bit dramatic, but it possesses every needed feature to arouse interest.

Special mentions; "The Happyness Limited" and "Green White Green."