It is almost time for the fifth Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and every other prestigious awards in Nigeria.

Who doesn't love hearing the nominees? Being angry at names that shouldn't have made the list, and the excitement that comes with hearing a well deserved name.

2016 has presented us with great films with good actors, bad films with an outstanding performance, and horrible films with nothing to offer.

We have put together 10 actors we think effortlessly deserve a spot on every nomination list in 2017.

1. Gregory Ojefua as Brume in “ Suru L’ ere”

The movie “Suru L’ere” came with lots of unforgettable characters, but for some reason, Gregory Ojefua as the horrible boss, Brume, is one we won’t be forgetting in a hurry. It isn't just a unique character, it's interpretation is also one that should earn Ojefua a 'best supporting actor' nomination in the 2017 award season.

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2. Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama as Ada in "93 Days" and Omawumi in "The Arbitration"

Somkele didn't just stroll into the Nigerian film industry. We remember her from "Gidi Up." It's 2016, and there has been no stopping for the actress who has featured in three 2016 big movies. The actress alongside OC Ukeje, were selected as the first ever TIFF International Rising Stars from the City to City spotlight programme.

Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama kicked off her 2016 cinematic experience with "Arbitration," where she thrilled viewers as the confident lawyer, Omawumi Horsfall.

She continued to exhibit her craft with her interpretation of the character Ada in "93 Days." The actress also stars in the upcoming comedy "The Wedding Party," which is yet to premiere in Nigeria.

Her performances so far deserves a 'best supporting actress' nomination at every 2017 movie awards. Recommending a 2017 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award Trailblazer winner, we would choose Somkele repeatedly.

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3. Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey as Patrick Sawyer in "93 Days."

That character you love to hate!!! Hate Patrick Sawyer all we want, but Ekpeyong's interpretation of the Liberian who introduced the Ebola virus disease into Nigeria, is applaudable and worth a 'best actor in a movie' nomination in 2017.

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4. Okey Uzoeshi as Abel in "Something Wicked"

In his darkest role ever, Uzoeshi brought the character Abel to life in "Something Wicked." A villain or a hero, he presented a performance every movie lover would vote for. Uzoeshi deserves a 'best actor in a movie' nomination for his performance in movie.

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5. Ivie Okujaye as Esther in "Something Wicked"

Without uttering over two words in the movie, Okujaye delivered a character worthy of a 'best supporting actress' nomination in the 2017 award system.

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6. Ireti Doyle as  Funlayo Johnson in "The Arbitration"

Doyle defined class and talent in the 2016 Niyi Akinmolayan movie, "The Arbitration." The veteran delivered a performance worthy of every classy nomination in the 2017 movie award season. Doyle has been doing exceptional work for the last few years, and she is without a doubt, in her golden phase.

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7. Kenneth Okonkwo as Papa Ngozi in "Wives on Strike"

Who didn't enjoy watching Kenneth Okonkwo's outstanding performance as Papa Ngozi in "Wives on Strike.? It was his major cinema outing in years, and yes, he delivered an award-worthy performance.

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8. Ngozi Nwosu as Mama Tiwa in "Skinny Girl in Transit"

Who doesn't love Ngozi Nwosu as Mama Tiwa? She isn't just a hilarious typical and lovable Nigerian mum on TV, she is also a talented veteran, who has brought several interesting characters to life.

We look forward to the actress making every 'best actress in a TV series' nominees list in 2017.


9. Bimbo Akintola as Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh in "93 Days."

The talented actress plays the late Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh in  "93 Days."  Watching the actress as the late doctor of First Consultants Hospital, who prevented the spread of  deadly Ebola virus disease in Nigeria, would remind every movie lover why she is a veteran, and a talented one.

Akintola without doubt, deserves to get numerous nominations and wins in 2017.

10. Bovi Ugboma as Victor in "It's Her Day"

The talented and hilarious comedian perfectly interprets the role of a groom-to-be, Victor, who believes a wedding should be simple. He is unfortunately engaged to a high-class lady, Nichole,  who wants a fairy tale wedding with 1020 guests.

His interpretation of the role deserves a 'best actor in a comedy movie' nomination.

11. Richard Mofe Damijo as Boma AKA Gun Powder in "Olobiri"

Richard Mofe Damijo takes the seat of a 'heartless' militant, Boma AKA Gunpowder, like nobody's business in the movie, A first class graduate of Geology, Boma is committed to using violence to fight the injustice meted out to the people of the Niger Delta. Damijo perfectly interprets Boma, showing both compassion and cruelty fabulously.

12. Memry Savanhu as Eunicein "76"

The actress doesn't grab your attention with her dialogue, rather she mesmerizes with her mannerism. She introduces her mastery in acting with an outstanding interpretation of Eunice, Captain Dewa's neighbour whose hobby is without doubt, dancing.

A look at Memry Savanhu in "76" and you don't just see a good dancer, you see an actor who should get numerous  best supporting actress' nominations in 2017.

13. Ramsey Nouah as Captain Dewa

The veteran simply delivers one of the best performances of the year in one of the best movies of the decade.

Nouah is captivating and thoughtful as Dewa; an interpretation that deserves multiple best actor nominations and wins in 2017.

14. Rita Dominic as Suzy in  "76"

Rita returns in a quietly impressive movie star performance in "76." She draws the viewers in with her emotional and flawless interpretation of the character Suzy.

Her performance in "76 has earned her an encore of the 2013/2014 awards season where she lead nominations with her performance in "The Meeting.

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Before the end of 2016, movies including "The Wedding Party," "Okafor's Law," "The Happiness Limited," "Dinner," among others will be released, and without doubt, will present more actors worthy of nominations and wins.

This list will be updated as more movies are released.