On-screen chemistry... It’s that undeniable spark between two people that can be felt through a screen.

On-screen chemistry is probably the reason why Richard Mofe Damijo and Stella Damaus were cast together severally, and we couldn't complain because their chemistry made it something to look forward to.Today, we have put together 13 on-screen couples that made us laugh, cry and feel every single emotion with them because they had an undeniable chemistry.

Here we go;

1. Thelema and Kwame in "Tinsel"

A relationship between the conniving, manipulating 'smart' Kwame’ and the lovable sweet Thelema remains one of our favorite TV relationships of all time.

There were so much energy and intense moments that came with this couple. They presented us with one Nigerian TV couple we won’t be forgetting in a long time.

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2. Genevieve Nnaji and Majid Michel in "Bursting Out"

Nnaji and Majid are just good friends off screen - friends who remember to send each other poetic and swoon worthy birthday messages.

Their relationship on-screen is totally different and extraordinarily passionate. From their first meeting to love making scenes, just staring moments to breakup moments, the two made "Bursting Out" a true romance movie.

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3. Richard Mofe Damijo and Stella Damasus in "Behind Closed Doors"

We will focus on "Behind Closed Doors," but that doesn't mean we are counting out every single time these two appeared on our screen as a couple.

The sexual and emotional chemistry between RMD and Stella Damasus is indisputable and quite convincing. Given the amount of chemistry they exuded on set, it isn't surprising that dating rumours trailed them off screen.

4. Richard Mofe Damijo and Ego Boyo in "Checkmate"

For several episodes in the Amaka Igwe produced series, viewers watched RMD and Ego Boyo as Segun Kadiri and Ann Haatrope grow from hero-villain rivals to a hot romantic couple still fondly remembered in the Nigerian TV history.

The love/hate relationships and subtle buildup of the sexual chemistry between the two remains second to none in the Nigerian TV history.

5. Ramsay Nouah and Stella Damasus in "Fugitive"

The couple went through enough to send them their different parts, but they fought hard. The movie "Fugitive" also had our attention with the chemistry between Ramsay Nouah, Genevieve Nnaji and Rita Dominic.

The movie has an interesting storyline, but what made it a more interesting watch was its focus on friendship and love.

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6. Adesua Etomi and Wole Ojo in "Brave"

For 30 minutes, Adesua Etomi and Wole Ojo interpreted a perfect 'relationship goals' couple. With the perfect sexual and emotional chemistry, these two will go down as one of the best on-screen couples ever. They made viewers cry, laugh, and wish for love, all just in 30 minuets.

7. Jim Iyke and Rita Dominic in "Unforgettable"

Jim Iyke and Rita Dominic had overwhelming chemistry in "Unforgettable." A rich and bad guy in campus falls in love an opposite of him, who happens to have leukemia. From their first meeting to the emotions they had to make us feel through their journey, our list can't be complete without them.

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8. Nse Ikpe Etim and Majid Michel in "Guilty Pleasures"

It was a forbidden affair, but this two had so much chemistry together, and had us anticipating more movies featuring them together.

9. Genevieve Nnaji and Richard Mofe Damijo in "Keeping Faith"

"Keeping Faith" won't only be remembered as one of the  greatest love stories ever told, it would also be remembered for giving us one of our favourite TV couples ever.

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10 Joseph Benjamin and Genevieve Nnaji in "Tango with Me"

A virgin newly wed raped on her wedding night? That has to be one of the most trumatic  things that could happen to anyone, and a plot like that shouldn't have anything romantic about it. But "Tango with Me" tells a realistic story that could happen to anyone, and it was interpreted by the best cast.

From their counselling sessions to happy days, kissing and love making scenes, Joseph Benjamin and Genevieve Nnaji were deep, talented, and had the perfect chemistry to tell the story perfectly.

11. Falz and Funke Akindele  in "Jenifa's Diary"

Life doesn't always have to be so serious.  We all need that compatible on-screen couple with the perfect chemistry,

Falz and Funke Akindele always find a way to make us laugh out loud because they are just too perfect together.

12. Mike Ezuruonye and Chioma Chukwuka in "Broken Marriage"

They fought, divorced, and almost cheated, but they had that connection. Their friendship was something easy to connect with.

Their on-screen chemistry made "Broken Marriage" a realistic story and an interesting watch.

13. RMD and Stephanie Linus in "Private Sin"

Pick a favourite? It would probably be this two. From sexual to emotional chemistry, RMD and Linus had it all. They made viewers root for something that was supposedly 'forbidden.'

Which of these is your favourite?