Adekunle 'Nodash' Adejuyigbe, the director of 2019 thriller, The Delivery Boy, says the Nigerian film industry needs to rebrand to keep up with the expectations of its audience.

Despite being the second largest movie industry in the world in terms of film output, ahead of Hollywood, Nollywood has faced relentless criticism for its largely unambitious storytelling and average production quality.

The industry still struggles to produce movies of satisfying cinematic quality with critical and/or commercial success hard to come by, home and abroad.

Speaking after the special screening of his directorial debut at the Alliance Française, Mike Adenuga Centre in Lagos on Sunday, February 9, 2020, Nodash called Nollywood "a miracle".

He said the industry has been built into the second largest in the world by a bunch of people with no resources.

"You've got to respect that, no matter what you think of the content," he remarked.

He also noted that home videos will need to keep existing because there's a market for them in every country around the world.

However, he said the industry must also produce tons of a different kind of content that will change the minds of people about its value.

He said, "Now, there are about 2000 films being made every year in Nigeria. Most of them are home videos. The films that are a little more cinematic in their approach I don't think are up to 10 every year.

"It's going to take a while to compete with the 2000."

Even though he claimed to not have any answers as to how to change Nollywood's perception problem, he said a new identity might help the audience understand things better.