More Nollywood practitioners are reacting to the controversial

"The Meeting" and "Suru L'ere" director Mildred Okwo, has written on the bill, which has been considered by some as a fight between young filmmakers and old filmmakers.

According to her, some filmmakers are trying to create artificial divisions, making it look like the bill was put in place specifically to stop their 'glorious entry into the industry.'

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Check out her Facebook post below:

I don't even know when this thing turned to young fighting the old. I feel it is absolute rubbish and another attempt by people to start a fight that does not exist. I had heard of this proposed Moppicon bill for years and had never seen it until a few days ago.

However, I had heard then that the late was opposed to it. Taking in to consideration that it was drafted 10 years ago, it is obvious that it may have been mostly directed at some young EPs practicing in the East who were entering the industry in droves at the time.

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I entered this industry 10 years ago so if it had been enacted, it would have affected me as well. However, filmmakers trying to create artificial divisions as if the bill was put in place specifically to stop their glorious entry into the industry is divisive. It signifies that another generation of filmmakers are about to do the same thing the last generation did; engage in divisional politics detrimental to the general welfare of the industry.

This Mopican document is not progressive in my view, but some of the people who drafted it claim that passage of time has made it redundant. My response is that even if it was drafted in the 1970s it would still not be considered a progressive document. Now that it has been leaked, we should take intelligent steps to make sure we address everyone's concerns.

The most important thing though is that we stop self-promoters from spear heading this industry whether OLD or YOUNG. Selfish people and self promoters have been the bane of the industry's growth. Let history not continue to repeat itself.


The Motion Picture Practitioners Council of Nigeria (MOPPICON) Bill was created over 10 years ago after a group of industry practitioners sat to draft it.

Recently, Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, announced the inauguration of a Ministerial Committee aimed at fast-tracking the passage into law of the MOPPICON Bill.

Following the announcement, Nollywood practitioners have reacted undefinedincluding Twitter.

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Watch "Suru L'ere" trailer below.