Many movie watchers and sympathizers rallied behind her, castigating Stella and Daniel to no end. In fact, many were ready to take up arms against Stella, calling her many unprintable names.

But the man in the eyes of the storm, Daniel, has come out to debunk all Doris said. In a letter he allegedly wrote to PastorItuahIghodalo, the founder and GeneralOverseer of the TrinityHouse, a mega church located in VictoriaIsland, Lagos, Daniel explained that his ex-wife is a pathological liar, serial adulteress and is only playing on people’s psyche to get their empathy.

After the letter, Daniel provided text message evidence to show that Doris has been in constant communication with him and her son, and that he even offered to pay her flight ticket to the United States of America twice a year to see her son but that what she says in public are quite different from what they discuss in private.

Read the letter DanielAdeminokan wrote to PastorIghodalo.

See a recorded version of their chats on May 3, 2013.

Doris: “My being quiet does not mean am  fool.” (10:34 AM)

Daniel: “Doris, I’m not interested in your tales. It’s the well-being of David and sharing custody that’s my business. If I see a chance that will give my son better opportunities in a foreign country, I will take it and that’s what I did. If you wish him well, you will think of him first. Right now, it is clear that what you are about is WINNING! Getting your son regardless of what it will mean to him and his future.” (10:37 AM)

Doris: “Is that what you think?” (10:38 AM)

            “Ok yes, it’s about winning.” (10:39 AM)

            “So do your worst.” (10:39 AM)

            “Been trying to call you all day but your phones are not working.” (12:33 AM)

Daniel: “Maybe network.” (12:35 AM)

            “Called you back a million times the day you were talking to David but you didn’t pick up.” (12:36 AM, May 3, 2013)

Doris: “My other fone not with me then (sic).” (12:36 AM)

Daniel: “Ok. Pastor Ituah called me.” (12:37 AM)

            “Did you give him my number?” (12:37 AM)

            “Glad he called.” (12:38 AM)

Doris: “Yes.” (12:38 AM)

Now we have heard from Daniel and it is all square. What next do we expect?