Veteran Nollywood award winning filmmaker

The filmmaker who is popular for her screen and stage works like "Violated," "Hear Word," "Widows Cot," "Letters to a Stranger" among others, spoke on some of the challenges encountered by Theatre practitioners.


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Read excerpt and watch video below;

"Funding, getting the kind of funds that you need. Theatre productions are way more expensive a lot of time than film. Why? Because for now,  the returns that you can get from Theatre are not as high as you can get from film.

However, one of the reasons for that is that we don’t have a dedicated space for theatre. We have the national theatre, but the National Theatre is not ready yet for commercial theatre.

In the sense that, the show we want to do in November/December called “Heartbeat: The Musical,” we really want to go to the National Theatre, and we will go to the National Theatre. But we can’t start off from the National Theatre, because we have to sell the National Theatre to our audience first, and it will cost us quite a bit to sell the theatre to the audience.

So we have to start in Muson that everybody likes. At the same time, the cost of running a show in Muson is just so prohibitive. That’s the challenge theatre practitioners have. "

Do you think the film business is more lucrative than Theatre? Watch video below for full interview.