In a new feature by Uzodinma Iweala for Ventures Africa, undefinedspoke on her first salary, her first movie "Most Wanted," and developing her debut movie as a producer "Road to Yesterday."

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According to the actress, her first salary was 2000 naira, and amount dear to her heart, which she considers her welcome fee to the world of entrepreneurship.

Read excerpts below.

On first salary;

“Even the kind of car I drive right now cannot give me that kind of joy that my first ride gave me. I must have a minimum of my first salary in my wallet — two thousand Naira.

I can have more, but that’s the minimum. It was my first salary. It’s dear to my heart. That was my welcome fee into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s just there. I love it.

I spent more than that to get the two thousand though on transport fare, cause by the time they tell you to go and come back so many times, you’ve spent way more than that, but that was who I was. I worked for it. I have to get paid for it. I’d probably squander every money that is dashed to me, but the one I would sweat for, I don’t play with."

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On first Movie "Most Wanted";

“My role was to interview a former beauty queen turned actress who was a goddess at that time. That was major. I had to pull it off as a pro and I did it, and the producers asked me if I had done it before and I said no. They were amazed at my confidence—probably I had some training in church or something— but I remember I enjoyed doing it."

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On developing her debut production "Road to Yesterday";

“I’m someone who’s dark a lot of the time. I just wonder a lot. My mind really travels a lot and I think during one of these mind journeys of mine, I was wondering about the thin line between life and death and I was thinking about something my mom had told me, stories in the family and stories from random people about how their loved ones who have passed, have appeared to them, right before they passed or the time they’re passing.”

The world premiere of "Road to Yesterday" held at the closing night of the 2015 African International Film Festival.

undefinedstars Nigerian-British actor, Oris Erhuerho as ‘Izu,’ the burly husband and father, and Genevieve Nnaji as ‘Victoria’ the conflicted wife and mother.

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award winning movie was produced by Nnaji alongside Chinny Onwugbenu and Chichi Nwoko, and directed by Ishaya Bako.

Watch Genevieve Nnaji talk chemistry between her character Victoria and Oris in "Road to Yesterday" below.