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In a recent video released via the show's YouTube channel, the actor shared the most emotional moment for him on second season of "Empire."

"My favourite scene was the scene between Cookie and I. When I had lost everything and the company to my son, and I was in bed," he said.

"She just came and sat in bed with Lucious, and put her arms around him. That was the extent of their relationship. That touched me," he added.

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Speaking on the upcoming third season of show, the actor stated that something bad is really going to happen.

"In the premiere, there is a lot of heartbreak to come. A lot of betrayal will occur. They have told me that much, so I know something really bad is going to happen. I just hope Lucious survives it," he said.

In season two finale, Lucious got married to Anika, and the season ended with the possible death of a Lyon.

The third season of "Empire" will premiere on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.