After a very long wait,

Titled “Death Will Have His Day,” the episode featured an aggressive Cookie, an angry Lucious Lyon, a bi-polar Andrea among others.

Without giving away much spoilers, check out six things that happened when show returned.

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Here we go;

1. Cookie hit Hakeem again! She was waiting in his penthouse with a broom and her purse.

2. After her fall down the stairs, Rhoda lost her baby. Her miscarriage gave viewers an opportunity to see Andre's 'crazy' side once again.

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3. The cops showed up to kick Lucious out of his home.

4. Naomi Campbell commanded that Hakeem dropped his beloved girlfriend Laura, which he did.


5. Cookie found a way back to the Empire business! She met with Hakeem to get hired as the new A&R person, and also struck a deal with Hakeem to let Empire release his album instead of Lyon Dynasty.

Cookie gave Lucious free reign over the Lyon Dynasty recording studio.

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6. The episode ended with Luicious luring Hakeem to the same spot he shot Bunky. He offered him a gun, and asked him to shoot him now, or he (Lucious) would kill him sometime in the future.


Watch "Empire" season 2 trailer below.