On April 4, 2016, Africa Magic premiered a telenovela, "Hush," which stars Baaj Adebule as Adze Tsenogu.

A tale of fashion, politics and ambition which follows different members of high society as they collide, the story of "Hush" revolves around Bem and Arinola, power-players in fashion and politics respectively.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Adebule  spoke on his toughest scene to shoot on show, his relationship with his on-screen father, Bem Tsenogu, played by Richard Mofe Damijo.

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What impact has "Hush" had on your career?

It's done pretty well, it's my first time working this closely and this long with Africa Magic and Native Media, and it's been long over due. They are arguably the biggest entertainment platform in Africa and Hush is more or less the best show on TV right now from its reviews and ratings, so of course it's put me on a completely different level as an actor.

My goal as an individual as always and is still to improve myself in every way and working with the cast and crew of Hush has done that immensely over the past few months.

What is "Hush" about?

"Hush" is a tale of fashion, politics and ambition which follows different members of high society as they collide. "Hush" is an exciting telenovella that explores the intriguing relationship between amazing characters, and the power tussle between players in fashion, politics, and the society in general.

The storyline is unique and the caliber of the cast and crew involved help to successfully tell a compelling and entertaining story. It explores the precarious and delicate weaving between seemingly disparate worlds which co-exist in Lagos, each possessing its own eco-system based on interconnecting, seamless interaction, secret alliances and loyalty.

There’s a co-dependency of which not all players are aware. Sometimes this is a healthy relationship, often times not. It's an all round good watch.

How would you describe your relationship with Richard Mofe Damijo as Adze and as Baaj?

Well, if you watch "Hush," you'd know as "Adze" and "Bem" their relationship is quite strained to say the least. They don't have the lovey-dovey Father-son dynamic mainly because of their differences in character and approach to situations.

But as Uncle Mofe and Baaj it's way way better. He (RMD) is an individual I have watched and been a fan of since I was boy like many other people. So to be working closely with him and being around him almost everyday is pretty cool. But most importantly how great a person he is and how we've grown to be friends has been really great and has improved me both professionally and as an individual. He's a brilliant man.

What do you think it is about "Hush" that has made it a social media sensation?

A lot goes into making a show great. And in this age, social media is everything. Hush has been able to put together some factors that key into that both artistically and socially. The combination of great directors, crew members, script writers and of course Actors have gone a long way in creating a show that grabs people's attention, entertains, educates, intrigues and motivates them in a way no show has been able to, in a long time.

What has been the toughest scene to shoot as an actor on "Hush"?

I can't really put my finger on one in particular but I'd say, the sequence of scenes right from Vina's disappearance up until the end of the court scenes when she returned were the toughest. Mainly because, it in fact were the toughest for Adze himself. And when you're playing such an out of the box character that has this level of depth, one doesn't have a choice but to soak himself in the characters existence and state of mind. Thus the harder the situation the Character goes through the tougher it's going to be for the actor playing it.

Viewers have given a lot of positive feedback about the show and your character. What's it like getting those feedback?

It feels really good. You know, gratitude and a thumbs up is always going to be a good thing. Especially in showbiz. A lot of money, sacrifice, time, energy, brains, muscle and hard work goes into creating Hush, you can't even imagine. So getting positive feedback both as a member of the Hush family and as the actor playing Adze Tsenogu is really heart warming. I am very grateful to the avid watchers of Hush aka "Hushians" or "Hushbabies" for sticking with us and being such great people.

How has your character's strengths and weaknesses developed the series?

Adze has really grown though, if you really choose to dissect the character bit by bit. Adze started off as that little spoilt kid who just wanted to spend his rich dad's (Bem) money, party with friends, smoke weed and play video games all day and every day. Then started to get a little bit more focused. Started an App business (APPLOCO), got a girlfriend (Vina) he was looking to settle down with, started making money of his own, stopped asking his father for financial aid, etc. Of course, the character still has quite a lot of flaws he's still trying to deal with but that's what growing up and living is all about. And I just hope he eventually becomes a really great person in the end but till then guess we'll just have to watch, wait and hope.

About "Hush"

Bem, played by Richard Mofe-Damijo, is one of Africa’s biggest designers based in Lagos State, Nigeria, and Arinola, played by Thelma Okoduwa, is one of the state’s fastest rising politicians. The intrigue begins when Bem proposes marriage to Arinola, an action that sets in motion a chain of events propelled by the secrets in their respective lives, secrets that run through the backrooms of secret societies, the corridors of the judiciary and on social media.

The telenovela airs weeknights on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151), at 9pm CAT, and also stars Baj Adebule, Rotimi Adelegan, Michelle Dede among others.

Adebule has featured in productions including "A Perfect Plan," "Pound of Flesh," "Betrayal," "Happy Family," "Two Sides of a Coin," "Honeymoon Hotel," "Heaven's Hell," "Road to Yesterday" among others.