Timaya going all lovey-dovey with his son is the cuties daddy duties video you will see today.

The Reggae dancehall king singer, wants you all to know that he is one of the coolest dads in town as he took to his Instagram page on Thursday, October 4, 2018, where he shared a video of him rocking and dancing with his son.

He went on to caption the video with a quote; "Daddy Duties❤❤❤." Timaya absolutely has a soft spot for his kids which isn't really surprising. Since the birth of his son, Emmanuel, Timaya has used every opportunity to show off the adorable baby.

Recall that during his last birthday, Timaya was in a joyous mood as he showed off his son while thanking God for celebrating another year.

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Timaya marks birthday with cute photo of him feeding son

Back in August 2018, Timaya celebrated his birthday and decided to post a photo of his adorable son. The singer posted the cute photo on his Instagram page on Wednesday, August 15, 2018, and we are all loving every bit of it. He went on to caption the photo with a quote where he thanked God for adding another year to his life.

"GOD I thank u for adding another beautiful year and I appreciate everything u have done in my life... Had to rush to ATL to spend time with my lil man, I so wish my gals where here EMMA & GRACEY. I'm so Fulfilled that I don't even know what to say. Ogologomma a Jehovah ogologomma a eh ogolgomma ogologomma," he captioned the photo.

This photo was shared barely a week after we saw the first photo of the baby boy who he had with his second baby mama. Timaya has two daughters, Grace and Emma from a previous relationship.