Reality TV queen,

According to her, she recently googled herself and saw quite a number of false headlines so she had to clear things up.

Speaking on their divorce rumours the wife of the controversial rapper, Kanye West said, "I’ve definitely had my fair share of dramatic relationships. “But honestly this is the most calm and it’s like ‘nope’ we are still together and we are happy so there’s really nothing to report on."

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She also talked about their trying for a third child saying contrary to what the media is reporting, she is not.

She said, "My husband might be trying for a third child but I am not, so I don’t know maybe that’s kinda true but maybe not really true. If it happens it happens but I don’t think we are trying, so maybe it’s not true."

Kim Kardashian also recently admitted she was forced to stop breastfeeding her son, Saint West because of her daughter.

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While chatting with sister Khloe Kardashian in a newly released teaser of her show, 'Kocktails With Khloe', the 35-year-old star revealed North West was often times so jealous she fed Saint, so she stopped it.

Watch Kim Kardashian get kicked off stage by the late Prince below.